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The Sluice Pond Association organizes events and activities for members of the 165 households that meander along the shoreline of this 55+ acre urban pond located in Lynn, Massachusetts. Along with neighbors and the general public who use the pond for boating, fishing and swimming, members of the Sluice Pond Association are volunteers in the preservation of this natural resource. Pond abutters and nearby neighbors are welcome to join the Sluice Pond Association for $20/household in annual member fees.



Portions of Sluice Pond in Lynn will be chemically treated with USEPA/MA registered herbicides to control nuisance aquatic vegetation this summer.  Following treatment, the pond will be closed to all water uses, (including swimming, fishing and boating) for 5 days. Please watch for the dates at our Sluice Pond Facebook Page The information will also be posted here, and at the NextDoor.com neighborhood social media site.

An initial treatment for Sluice Pond took place on June 27th only in the coves to combat the invasive weeds that congest the coves. A follow-up treatment has been set to treat the entire pond for native vegetation on July 24. The weed treatment chemicals permit no swimming or fishing in Sluice Pond for at least 24 hours. Also, using pond water for irrigation or drinking, watering animals is not recommended for five days.

The treatment is being performed under contract to the City of Lynn, and pursuant to a permit (license) issued by MA DEP and an Order of Condition issued by the Lynn Conservation Commission. 

This year we've gone interactive with the new social media site Next Door Sluice Pond. If you live in the area around Sluice Pond From Wyoma Square to Lynn Woods and 129 to Jenness and beyond and would like to join in the daily conversations about public safety, city business and concerts, classifieds, things lost and found, general notices, welcome to new neighbors, and a whole host of other uses, please contact Dale Orlando at DaleOrlando@comcast.net and leave your name and your email address. An invitation from Next Door will appear in your email and to sign up you only have to follow the link and sign in. So far we have 220 people and 11 other neighborhoods in Lynn reaching over 900 neighbors.

Dale has belonged to Next Door Gillespie Park in Sarasota with over 450 members of the 465 households and 12 other neighborhoods for over 3 years. So far no complaints of email advertising, password or computer problems, so this is a safe and fun way of being with your neighbors. You can help us build Next Door Sluice Pond by inviting your friends and neighbors to join. NextDoor has recently introduced some advertising that can be turned off on your feed at the site. There are news, crime and safety alerts, classifieds, lost and found and many more categories including the ability to list small businesses or recommend them to your neighbors.


For those new to the pond, there is a 5 horsepower motor limit for boats using Sluice Pond and a 5 MPH limit for boating in the coves and smaller part of Sluice Pond (North of the Red house). We strongly recommend that the NO WAKE signs in all three coves of the pond north of the red house and Haywards Restaurant (from the boat ramp or Eel cove to beyond the red house ) be observed.

Please warn your neighbors that they can be fined and prohibited from using larger motors if they churn enough water to endanger swimmers, canoes, kyaks and small boats or to ruin other people's docks and steps in the cove areas by speeding in the coves. By law the damage caused is the responsibility of the boat owner to repair or the liability of the boat owner in the case of an injury or drowning. Unless you are heavily insured and able to sustain fines, no wake, no mistake.

Due to economic cutbacks, the city is no longer offering to supply new bouys for Sluice Pond, so Volunters from the Sluice Pond Association Board of Directors voted to replace the old ones and new bouys were installed last spring. The NO WAKE bouys are placed in the cove areas in the usual locations. The Sluice Pond Association is working to identify private sources of funding for a boat wash station that will assist the pond abutters to keep invasive weeds out of Sluice Pond. Funds are being sought for pond beautification projects and to assist officials in maintaining a safe boating and swimming environment. Fontains at the Broadway end of the pond are under consideration by the Board of Directors.

Currently the Sluice Pond Association is working with the City of Lynn in the maintenance of the pond as a prime recreational site in Lynn. Other partners include Lynn Community Development and local Merchants who are members and Friends of Sluice Pond Association. We received assistance of the Commonwealth through the City of Lynn Department of Community Development to eradicate the native and invasive weeds in the Spring of 2007 and 2008. The City of Lynn and Lynn Water and Sewer paid for weed treatments for Sluice and Flax Ponds in 2009.The 2010 weed treatment never happened, but Mayor Kennedy found the funds to assist with the pond in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. We owe her and her staff a special thanks for keeping our ponds clean and safe.


The Sluice Pond Association began in the 1950s as a social group of pond abutters and has remained active through several iterations of organizational growth and state/federal recognition of the organization.  In the late 1970s and early 1980s the Association mounted it’s first effort to eradicate the weeds from Eels Cove  where a primary source of water for Sluice Pond feeds in from the Cedar Brook.  There has been a great deal of concern over the years that there may be inappropriate discharge to the pond from  housing developments further upstream. This has not been substantiated by water quality measurements and consultants with Aquatic Control Technology have described a natural process of bubble formation due to weed activity that looks similar to soap suds in the cove. However, reports that one or more pond abutters have not tied into city sewer lines or tied in without removing old septic systems remains a concern. In the early 1980s, that part of the pond was manually dredged by boat, a process too costly and not effective enough to match today’s chemical treatment of weeds.

In the late 1800s, there was an assessment of the ponds fed by Cedar Brook and forming the “Strawberry Chain” of ponds that flow to the Atlantic Ocean through Lynn. It showed that Sluice Pond had the purest water and the pond was considered for the town water supply. A decision was made instead to create the largely manmade  ponds within the Lynn Woods Reservation; Walden’s Pond, Breeds Pond, Birch Pond that are used as water supply sources in Lynn and surrounding communities.  Naturally formed ponds from the Cedar Brook (Cedar Pond, Sluice Pond, Flax Pond, Goldfish Pond and the Floating Bridge Pond)  are maintained for recreational purposes by abutters and the City of Lynn. Sluice Pond is currently studied as one of the few glacially formed ponds in the Northeast by geologists at Salem State College.

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